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Immanuel Christian Academy has a very interesting history dating back 170 years.


In 1852, fifteen students began taking a few classes out of the home of a teacher.  Later that year, a school was built and six years later the congregation was formed and a second school building was constructed. 


By the early 1900’s, Immanuel had grown to a congregation of 125 families, became a voting member in the Missouri Synod, dedicated a cemetery and instituted English services which had previously been in German.  


By the 1950’s the congregation approved the building of a modern school and later that year, dedicated the building.  


Over the next fifty years, the church burned down, a new church was constructed as an addition to the current school.  The original school building was moved across the street and now sits in the Prairie of Westchester. The original school house is the center for the Save the Prairie Project and is utilized for lectures, tours, exhibits and gatherings. The second school building (Old Schoolhouse) still sits in the original location on Cermak and is the center for the Old Schoolhouse Community Garden.  


Today Immanuel Lutheran Church and Immanuel Christian Academy are connected by more than beams and a prayer garden. The school flourishes due to the dedication of Immanuel’s congregation. Their time, talents and donations aid in the successful education and rich spiritual growth of Immanuel’s children. 

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