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What We Believe

Immanuel Christian Academy operates as an extension of Immanuel Lutheran Church to provide a quality education in a Christ-centered environment and to serve as an avenue of outreach to non-Christians within our community through the power of the Holy Spirit.


We believe that the entire curriculum should be geared to the student’s intellectual needs in today’s world.  We also believe that our curriculum must be taught from a Christian perspective and permeated with Christian values.


We believe that daily worship, religious study and application of God’s Word to everyday life is essential so that each child may know and experience God’s seeking and forgiving love through Christ Jesus.


We believe that a well-rounded program of physical activities is necessary, stressing participation and enjoyment for each child, to nurture the God given gift of life and health.


We believe that every student is a unique child of God. As children in the family of God, respect and love are fostered in positive social relationships.


We believe that our children need Christian discipline through which they can develop a set of values, learn respect and develop a sense of concern for others.


We believe that a school, which honors Christ in every classroom and where teaching reflects the risen Christ, will guide children toward good citizenship and a vital Christian life.

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